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      The vision of SBMT trust is to continue on with the mission initiatives and projects that were established and founded by the Late Minister Shahbaz Bhatti.
      Minister Bhatti was passionate and committed to working alongside the downtrodden and oppressed throughout society to bring about empowerment and societal transformation in the nation of Pakistan.
      His initiatives involved the development of projects through education, creating dignified work, humanitarian efforts, social justice, and advocacy for minorities at a national and an international level. As well as supporting, promoting and encouraging interfaith understanding, and respecting fundamental rights of humanity irrespective of religion, gender, social status and ethnicity through his groundbreaking project interfaith harmony and dialogue.

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Sewage Project

The third basic need of Khushpur was to have a proper sewage disposal and drainage system.  Almost 50% of free land has become a garbage/trash pile up, which is increasing day by day.  There was no outlet for dirty water and constant & consistent maintenance is required to have an uninterrupted functioning of the sewerage system and the drainage network in order to maintain the health & hygiene of the village.

The water was flowing out of the houses and covering the main streets causing infectious diseases. The rest of used water use to go in dirty ponds, which cause the birth of mosquitoes and many harmful diseases. The villagers were getting sick every day with the most common illness related to untreated sewage water is gastro-enteritis, an infection of the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and eventually severe dehydration as a result. There is another reason for improving sewage system is to be able to reuse the water used for waste disposal.

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