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      The vision of SBMT trust is to continue on with the mission initiatives and projects that were established and founded by the Late Minister Shahbaz Bhatti.
      Minister Bhatti was passionate and committed to working alongside the downtrodden and oppressed throughout society to bring about empowerment and societal transformation in the nation of Pakistan.
      His initiatives involved the development of projects through education, creating dignified work, humanitarian efforts, social justice, and advocacy for minorities at a national and an international level. As well as supporting, promoting and encouraging interfaith understanding, and respecting fundamental rights of humanity irrespective of religion, gender, social status and ethnicity through his groundbreaking project interfaith harmony and dialogue.

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Our Vision

Chairman Message

Dr. Paul Bhatti - Chairman SBMT

Dr. Paul Bhatti – Chairman SBMT

I am pleased and proud to announce the founding of the Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust, which was registered in April 2011, following the assassination of my late brother Shahbaz Clement Bhatti on 2nd March 2011. Shahbaz Bhatti’s love for his nation and his ongoing, unwavering commitment to his beliefs inspired him in his service among the marginalized in society. His love and compassion for the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden, shone as a bright light in the darkness that will not be put out. He was a powerful beacon of hope for our nation and all who continue in their struggle to secure a just and humane society where equal rights and freedoms are respected. My response is to not only honor what my brother gave his life for, but it is my heartfelt conviction that Shahbaz’s vision and mission must continue. As he would often say “non-involvement is not an option.” Shahbaz dreamed to see every human being who is marginalized, victimized, oppressed, discriminated and persecuted no matter what gender, faith or ethnicity, that they should live with dignity and respect enjoying equal rights, with freedom of expression without discrimination. This was the same Pakistan that was envisioned by our Founding Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah who in his policy speech in August 1947 highlighted that …You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State… We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State. We are sure that in our ongoing struggles by serving together through the Shahbaz Bhatti Memorial Trust, we can see this happen in our generation. We recognize that this cannot be achieved alone that we need each other. We are calling on you, our human families of Pakistan and the world, we are inviting you to participate with us in solidarity and support to see Shahbaz’ dreams fulfilled; for this is our sacred entitlement as we all equally bare the image of God, and this is heart of God for Pakistan.

Our Vision

The world is under social, religious and civilization’s wars that ultimately take world away from human values and weakening the social bindings among the all human beings. It has become a huge threat for all human beings lest, these racism, religious; civilizations’ wars devastate the world. Therefore, it is a big need to bridge the social, religious and civil gaps among the human beings so that they come closer to each other and understand the other creeds and religions.
The time also urges that all superpowers and neighbor countries respect the line of boundaries of the other countries so that general public could be safe from bloodsheds and wars. If we want real peace in this world then we have to support each other for basic human rights and reconciliation from grass roots to top level.
The Project Interfaith Harmony and Dialogue is trying to do that at National and local level in Pakistan and as well in the world through building liaison with international and national organizations, so that real peace can take place in this world


Create an environment among the people from the different religions for acceptance, tolerance, respecting others creeds and faiths. Create a space for dialogue, initiatives for peace, communal and social dignity involving policy makers, leaders and change makers.

Build capacity of the potential leaders on dialogue for life, practice peace and brotherhood by accepting and respecting each other Instigate civil society groups and CBOs struggling together for better environment where peace and brotherhood prevails.


Our mission can only be achieved if we conduct ourselves in an ethical, honest, and just manner that models for the community the attitudes, behaviors, and actions that we would like to promote.  By doing so, we will foster greater respect, trust, and support for our mission and work.

How We Do This

This Project of Interfaith Harmony and Dialogue moves forward our vision and mission by:

  • Offering original and inspiring community building programs that educate and engage audiences on issues of faith, religion, identity, belief, and culture;
  • Advancing and safeguarding the fundamental rights and freedoms which enable a person to freely chose to practice or not practice a religion or belief system;
  • Ensuring access to reliable information and resources on religious diversity; and
  • Promoting objective teaching and learning about religion and religious & cultural diversity in age-appropriate, academic ways in schools, workplaces, and communities


  • Inter Religious Conferences at all provincial levels
  • Women interfaith encounters
  • Interfaith Youth Symposium
  • School Children’s peace education program
  • Peace building leadership training programs
  • Prize distribution for Humanity service
  • Peace and socio-religious harmony dialogues
  • Peace-religious prayer services
  • Mushaira, poets from different Religious groups will be invited to participate
  • Peace sports programs
  • Networking with other NGOs participation
  • Formation of peace building committees with participation of Minority groups
  • Peace through music and Art
Designed by: Imtiaz Ahmad, E: imtiazid@gmail.com, C#: 0092 345 9169947