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      The vision of SBMT trust is to continue on with the mission initiatives and projects that were established and founded by the Late Minister Shahbaz Bhatti.
      Minister Bhatti was passionate and committed to working alongside the downtrodden and oppressed throughout society to bring about empowerment and societal transformation in the nation of Pakistan.
      His initiatives involved the development of projects through education, creating dignified work, humanitarian efforts, social justice, and advocacy for minorities at a national and an international level. As well as supporting, promoting and encouraging interfaith understanding, and respecting fundamental rights of humanity irrespective of religion, gender, social status and ethnicity through his groundbreaking project interfaith harmony and dialogue.

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Dialogue Forums

The invitation to the dialogue is open for all people from different Religions and cultures with the basic concept of diversity. The more we differ, the more we need dialogue and we need more to learn. It is condition for dialogue that we share and clear breaches of respect for the most fundamental values, such as the right to life and the rule of law, should exclude people from being invited into dialogue. While the invitation is open, everyone must abide by the agreed rules of a particular dialoguing situation. Women and young people have important perspectives and contributions to offer and should have distinct voices in inter religious dialogue.
A full understanding of interfaith dialogue consists on common action. The dignity of human life, to which all religions are committed, is challenged for example through poverty, violence, abuse of women and children, discrimination of migrants and dramatic changes in the natural environment. Different religions can address these issues together. Interfaith dialogue should aim at gathering the resources of different religious values and traditions to take up the challenges which Pakistan is facing today. Through common action we learn to understand better ourselves, each other, and the world in which we live

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